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     OPPORTUNITIES  for ministry where there's a heart to help . . .


      Imagine being a church planter in a remote area of tribal people, going to people who have never heard the Gospel message and being able to tell them, one by one, the story of Jesus.  It is something most of us will never do.  But it is happening!  And those who are doing it need support!

      Right now there are three areas that need a place for new believers to gather.  The first step is to secure a plot of ground for a little Church House to be constructed.  Three plots have become available, one for $1808, another for $1063 and a third for $957.  They are in three different locations.  Who is the person or church that wants the blessing of supporting some of this expense?


  Help for Orphans who have till now been safely residing in Destitute Welfare Centre is urgently needed.  Scam operators use children to get funds for themselves.  In response the government has issued new space requirements that may force out helpless children even from legitimate facilities.  $7000 is needed to complete new construction at DWC.  Is there a church that wants to help rescue children into a caring Christian environment?

Bathroom scales $11, anyone?  Did you know a simple bathroom scale that is nothing to us will provide a blind person in India a means of livelihood?  As he or she sits on the street with a scale, an occasional passer will stop and weigh for a small fee.  The blind person's dignity is maintained and perhaps he or she can eat that day.  Only $11.00 in US money will purchase a scale.  That's about 500 Indian rupees.  Scales are given as a part of the continuing ministry in presenting the Good News about Jesus' love and forgiveness. 

$20 a month or $240 a year will provide for a child in a Christian home.  There is room for more when there is enough money available.  Hundreds of bright young hungry children are waiting. We will gladly receive monthly or one-time gifts, or gifts at any frequency in any amount.  Remember how Jesus noticed the widow's tiny mite?

$125 will pay for a week of  Vacation Bible School for children of a city slum.  People who eke out a meager existence in common-wall dirt floor hovels with no conveniences like water, power or sanitary facilities, living elbow to elbow with hundreds like themselves, need Jesus.  Little children born there have souls.  They are precious in His sight and in the sight of India missionaries who go day after day into harms way to reach them with the message of hope.  There were over 6,000 children and adults from 89 different slums last summer who made decisions to follow Christ.

$3500 is needed by Mission To The Blind for equipment to produce audio tapes and CD's of Bible Lessons and Scripture Portions for people who can't read Braille.  Secular organizations provide the blind with tape and CD players.  MTB wants to provide the good media as an option for trashy songs and stories.  See the work of MTB now.

$5 will to provide a white cane to a blind person that might save his life.  Would it please our Lord for some blind people to be helped?  Remember, the missionaries that give out the canes also give out the Gospel.  At least three people would be blessed -- the blind person, the missionary, and he or she who gives!

$150 is the average expense of an evangelistic campaign in a rural village of southern India.  This is one way to plant a church where there is none.  Open air night meetings from with seating on the ground accommodate those who have been in the fields all day..  From those who respond to Christ's invitation, new churches are formed.  There were 263 and 270 and 160 unsaved people who called upon Christ for salvation in three campaigns.  The need is for funds to do this monthly.

$80 a month or $960 a year will keep a missionary pastor on the field in the villages and tribal areas.  He will work with others in planting churches, teaching new believers, outreach visits and aiding the poor.  We can furnish a name, picture and biographical sketch for you or your church if you want it.

$50 a month is partial support for a missionary or for a missionary student in a 3-year Bible College program.  Training Indians to reach India with the Gospel is stewardship that makes best use of resources.  Lamb's Institute for Field Evangelism (LIFE) is training 65 students whose hearts are engaged to reach their countrymen.  Their greatest lack is adequate support.

$75 will purchase a bicycle.  Several are needed for new mission areas where churches have been planted and missionaries are walking.

These are a few of the needs, varied so anyone with the desire to help can do so.


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