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Slums on the outskirts of Chennai, two of about 1600 in the city


Many slum dwellings have dirt floors, no beds, electricity or running water -- not even doors to keep    out snakes, rodents, or animals.


 Amazingly, a wonderful change occurs in the lives of so many who respond to the love of the Indian     missionaries.


In time, entire slums are changed as the inhabitants find hope through faith in Christ.


Slum huts -- people live here!


These dedicated missionaries go where we can't

Stephen was born into the lowest Hindu caste.  As a boy he saw first-hand many acts of witchcraft, rampant disease, poverty and death.

These led him to believe there was no God.


As an older boy he heard the Gospel and opened his heart to Jesus.  Later he joined India Youth for Christ

as a youth worker.


In time Stephen sensed a tugging at his heart for the poor, neglected people of the slums.  He knew from experience their hopelessness.  Finally he fasted on bread and water for three months as he prayed for God's direction, and it came!

Today this humble servant leads a team of 70+ dedicated missionaries to reach their country with the Gospel of Christ.


Daily they go, often into dirty, unsafe and crime-ridden places to love and teach and minister.  Each year literally thousands of perishing souls are being rescued.  Entire communities are being changed, men, women and children.


The Holy Spirit empowers them to go . . .


Laborers for the harvest.  4 of many ladies who are COME missionaries.  Some areas they visit are hostile.  Local profiteers from prostitution, gambling and crime sometimes resist and threaten.  Yet they go, trusting the Lord for protection.


Their approach is to first gain the trust of the people, then steadily nurture with the love and message of hope that Christ brings.  It is a slow, difficult task but it is working!



Much prayer -- Key to Success!

For two hours each morning these rooms are filled with the sweet sounds of prayer and song.  Seated on the floor they are united in studying God's Word and finalizing plans for the day's ministry.  They know that without God their success is impossible.


In a few moments they will be going again into the devil's territory to rescue people who are perishing.


They are led to go as Christians are led to give.


You can see these pictures were taken from inside our passing rickshaw.  Care is taken to do nothing that might be threatening or damaging to the trust that is being so carefully cultivated.


The missionaries are pouring out their lives here.  By God's Grace they count it great joy to sit on dirt floors in most unsanitary conditions to 'love to Jesus' society's outcasts.  Sitting and eating together builds acceptance.  And the joy of seeing them respond becomes doubly sweet.


"He that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."

Slum Children need a Savior

Generations of poverty


Thousands live in crowded slums

Slum food for sale


Flooding is a constant danger

Water pots filled from river.


Shown above is only a small glimpse of teeming humanity packed into the worst imaginable conditions.  Follow the 'continue' and see how dedicated COME missionaries are bringing hope and change to entire slums.  See the bright eager faces of transformed youth.




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