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Word For The World ministers to lepers and other deprived people groups.  Augustine Asir leads over 150 missionaries scattered in many states of India.  Support comes from love gifts only.


The lepers shown above are from a poor colony.  Begging in the nearby village and catching poisonous snakes to sell for the venom are two means of livelihood.  Word For The World helps all they can.



It's after dark as these gather for a time of Bible teaching and praise.  A lone lantern hangs from a limb over-head.  And the singing is as sweet an in the garden of Gethesemene.


This church, funded by a giving U.S. congregation, is just for lepers.  No more must they stand back because of their disease.   It is heart-moving to visit and join them in worship.



Homemade crutches are no problem for this man whose feet no longer carry him.  He smiles to be gathered with others outside the center that WFW has constructed for them.


Men and women segregate inside their church house.  It's the custom in many places.  City churches have pews but most villagers sit on mats spread on the floor.  But they come.


This is the man with crutches.  See how he has lost the ends of his fingers and portions of his feet?



Nubby fingers and a tin cup help this dear lady get enough food to live.  Leprosy destroys nerves, causing un-noticed injuries, then infection.



Seated in the church for lepers

this old man holds their sole musical instrument.




In another place,  lepers pose with a friend and visitor from  the U.S.



Word for the World has many areas of ministry.  A home for handicapped children cares for people such as our leader's own son, Jim Asir, pictured here.


Though requiring total care from his mother and sister, Jim is a very bright young man and is able to communicate sensibly with his family.  Jim lives at home but inspired a place for others not so fortunate.

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