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 In INDIA you'll see   

Hindu shrines and idols of deities located along busy city streets, rural country roads, in train stations, and seemingly everywhere.

 Above - GANESH, Hindu God


Let's Get Acquainted

Bob Lambert

Reaching Out is a non-profit Christian  organization formed just for support of God’s work in India. A 1975 phone call from Dr. Finley Baird was in reality a 'call' from the Holy Spirit.

   After several trips to India as a short-term missionary it became apparent that many well-trained and genuine believers are there who have a God-given burden to reach their countrymen with the Gospel.  India is an old and complex culture, difficult at best for people accustomed to our lifestyle.  Christians in India must do more with less and have strong faith, relying fully on God.

   The Great Commission is a mandate that will require best methods. Working through Indian nationals is a ‘best-method’ of applying resources for greatest success.

    God's way has always been for His children to join Him in His work.  None is able alone but together we are His army!

    There are many scammers after the gifts of unsuspecting people.  Part of our role is to carefully screen each ministry so that supporters may be sure their gifts are being used properly.  The selected ministries have around 350 dedicated men and women of India, devotedly reaching out to their countrymen.

    At Reaching Out we stay in touch with each ministry to  co-ordinate, encourage and advise.  We also seek to make people and churches in the U.S. aware of ministry opportunities.  We furnish contact information or whatever is requested.

    Our intent is to provide as much assistance as requested in order for tax-exempt gifts to reach the front-line.

   Reaching Out serves both the 'givers' who are led to us by the Holy Spirit, and those who are the recipients, the actual needs on the ground.  Our role is not fund-raising or a soliciting but primarily revealing areas where the Lord is at work. The Holy Spirit must be the prompter for those who who choose to act.

   The Good News about Jesus, presented to the hurting by loving ministers , is bringing many lost souls to New Life in Christ!  Rejoice with us!

"... a cup of cold water in My Name "

  a light in the darkness


  Excitement abounds as laborers begin unloading materials.  The dream for a Bible College that will equip young missionaries is becoming reality. That wasn't too long ago. And now, a few years later, expansion is necessary.  Already there are new churches being planted in distant places, even as more God-called students arrive.  Dedicated hearts are eager.  Alas, funds to expand and equip them are delaying the plans. 





   Summer vacation time at the Bible College began with preparations all made.  In a rented van, 15 students and 5 teachers began their mission outreach that lasted 19 days, till the money was exhausted. In that time, for $1050, they visited 45 different villages to witness about Jesus. 

     Most witnessing was door to door. About 32,000 gospel portions along with personal testimony were given to the people. Six small meetings were held for over 4000 villagers. During the campaign, 415 people came to Christ publicly, and nearly 325 women did so secretly, for fear of either their male family member or the anti-Christian village elders. 




     Most tribal people live away from villages but visit there for supplies.  Some find work in the fields and paddies. Others still live deep in the jungles in nomadic fashion, often eating roots and other forest plants.  

     A large number live across this lake and one by one they are being reached.  As usual, much effort is required to get acceptance with them and to gain their trust.  The result is worth it all, though.  Only the indigenous missionaries could reach them for Christ.  Our part is to provide the funds and support them in prayer.  more









Like from the 'Old Woman's Shoe tale' these children seem to overrun the tiny hut behind them.  They are sitting on the dirt, but that is what they are accustomed to.  The broiling sun is no match for Stephen who is there to teach them songs and games and Bible stories.  Every weekday the missionaries of COME go into the foul and dangerous slum areas with love and hope for otherwise hopeless people.  [more]




India has around 15 million blind people, many of whom are destitute.  Blindness has a social stigma because it was caused by misconduct in a person's former life, the predominant religion would say.  Here a blind girl who has found hope in Jesus tells a blind village lady how she, too, can know Him.  Mission To The Blind holds special retreats that encourage the participants to help their blind friends and neighbors know the truth.  Will you share so others can hear?  [more] 



 Unique and effective in a heathen land 

  Joyful singing, happy faces and waving banners fill the roadways and paths leading through the village.  This is a Sunday School parade, held annually in villages all around the increasing number of local churches.  As people find peace and hope in their own lives, they begin to sense an inner stirring to help their friends and neighbors.  First they heard. Now they share.  God sent His Son to be the Savior of all people who will hear.  Imagine how it must please Him when his children follow his example of witnessing, loving and giving in Jesus' Name?  Let us join them! 




    Leprosy isn't feared today as it once was but it still affects many people in India.  As they are identified and placed in colonies, most must live with scarred faces or nubs for feet and hands that readily identify them to outsiders.

     Living can become depressing.  But in some colonies, the message of hope in Christ resounds!  It is thrilling to go into Indera Nagar with Rajan, the local WFW missionary who himself was once a world-loving evil person.

     Whatever time of day, the word goes quickly of his arrival.  The little church house soon is teeming with people, hungry for his loving smile and another message of hope from the Word of God.

     Pictured is our friend Paul with his new friend, a leper! more





     What nice smiles as these young women show off their handiwork to one of our visiting US missionaries (who is there at her own expense).  A training center for young women provides the wonderful way to show and tell of the fulfilling life God offers through faith in His precious Son.

     Day by day as skills to earn a living are learned, the deeper truths that give meaning and purpose to life are being absorbed.  The minimal charge to them is supplemented by gifts from those who aren't called to go, but who will give to help reach the lost in all the world. 




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