Children from desperate circumstances joyfully gathered with loving foster parents where they have a happy home, enough food, much personal love and attention, and the opportunity to know about Jesus.  Many others are waiting.  Only 70-cents a day gives a child a chance.


     Meet Packiapriya!  Her father died of a heart attack when she was 4.  Her poor mother by doing cooli works (day field labor) looked after her and the other children but was not able to feed Packiapriya well or send her to school.


    The child was eager to learn.  Poverty forced the family into a hut on a government-owned border strip, illegal to use, where very poor folk erect meager huts till they are ejected.  Our Director met this family during a gospel outreach ministry and after seeing their suffering and poor family condition, brought Packiapriya into the DWC Home.


     This little fellow is Bibin Murali.  He is 9 years old.  While just a lad, his father divorced his mother and went to live with another woman.  Bibin's mother has a defective heart that has made her very weak and therefore unable to support her children.


The family has suffered from lack of food and shelter.  They have lived in a rented hut, poor and hungry. They were discovered during a village outreach ministry.  By God's grace there was 'room in the inn' for this child.

Bibin Murali

    R. Sivaraman died giving birth to him.  His grandmother took him in because his father is a drunkard and wasn't caring for him.  Sivaraman was practically deserted and was wandering in the streets searching for food where he was seen and helped by one of the brothers at DWC Home.  Further inquiry determined him to be truly needy and anxious for a chance to go to school.  Now Sivaraman is very happy with his new family in DWC Home.


     I don't know why my father left my mother to live with another woman.  When my mother had no way to care for us and no place to live, she and my brother and I had to live on the street.  My mother is sickly and cannot do the field labor work.  I became a street child, wandering here and there in search of something to eat.  Now the people at Destitute Welfare Centre have taken me into their home.  I am so happy!  Thank you for helping.

Maria Angelin

"...Take this child and nurse it for me..."  Exodus 2:9


    My name is Christopher Raja.  December 14 is my birthday.  I am 11 years old.  My life was very hard in Vilankudi with my poor dear mother and my older sister Maria Angelin until we were found by the Christians at DWC Bob's Happy Children's Home.

    Now we have a good place to live and many new brothers and sisters.  Please pray for my mother, Jeyarani and my father, Antonyswamy.  He left us.  

    Every day we are singing songs and learning Bible verses and praying to Jesus.


Christopher Raja

      I am Shanthini and 5 years old.  My  brother Selvarajan is over six.  Our daddy died before I was two so my mommy had to work in the fields to take care of us.  She could only make enough money for us to eat a little.  We couldn't go to school.  Last summer the missionary who comes to our village said we could come to DWC  and have food every day. And we even get to go to school. See my pretty Sunday dress?





     Daisy is the 'mother' to all these children.  She is there for them and spends time with each one.  They love her dearly.  There is a 'grandmother' and a precious little lady who is the cook, and a couple that serves as wardens.  Her husband is the 'daddy' in the home as well as director of a large evangelical ministry, fulfilling Christ's commission.  They operate by trusting God to touch hearts for supporting love-gifts.

"When you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ..." Jesus

     It's time for school again!  By now we have been up for several hours, singing and worshipping together.  Early each morning we do our chores and we must draw water from our well to bathe and dress.  And breakfast, too, before we go.

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