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     To the right of this blind man in his small hut is the MTB missionary who has brought a Bible portion in Braille so there can be light in the darkness of his life.  Nimble fingers sensing tiny raised dots bring the Word of God into his heart.

     There are three generations of blindness in this family.  Our sighted missionaries (below) wear glasses.  All the others are blind - the boy, the father, the grandmother and a relative.  Notice the large red Braille Bible they treasure!

    CAN YOU IMAGINE not being able to see?  No light!  Everything dark!  Unable to see a flower or even know the difference between day and night!  Can you imagine?

These are some of the missionaries of Mission To The Blind.  Some are sighted; others are themselves blind.  But all have 'spiritual' eyes that let them see and feel for those who are so often cast aside by the careless throng. 

Small groups are gathered together for bible study and worship as well as social times.  By going house to house where blind people live, over 19,000 have been identified and presented with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Yet there are so many more! 

About 15,000 children a year go blind in India from malnutrition, not obesity that is America's problem!  These little ones, all blind, are together at Sunday School.  O, you should hear them sing their little hearts out!  Jesus had several things to say about the little children, remember?  What a difference our gifts make in their little lives!

After locating and befriending them, blind men and women are provided the opportunity to attend Gospel Camps where they make new friends among other blind people, and together are taught the Word of God.  Several Bible Societies provide MTB with Braille scripture portions, from which the parti-cipants study .

"... Go  quickly . . . and  bring  in  hither  the  poor,  the  maimed,  the  halt  and  the  blind." . . .  Jesus

Moses, a blind person, uses a Braille type-writer to answer requests for counsel from blind people.

Scripture portions are neatly wrapped in old newspaper to be mailed to blind inquirers.


New staff, both sighted and blind, are regularly being trained to go quickly and bring the blind to the Master.

Ten more candidates will begin training soon, for which $7000 will be required for preparation and salaries for a year.  Opportunity.


What happens?  These blind ladies have just opened their hearts to Jesus!  One goal is to work closely with local churches where the new converts will have support.

While there are affluent blind like these who need to hear our Master's call, so many others struggle for daily bread.  Come see what some do to live.







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