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Pictured below is the building God has made available to reach the blind. 


Christian people and Churches from all over joined in providing the funds.  Now the blind of India are better supported with a Christian center that offers training, seminars, retreats, and more.  Around 90 full-time missionaries are located throughout India to find and minister to the blind with assistance and the message of Jesus.


Intended for use as a school, the building had been sitting idle and was offered for sale just when needed.  It isn't far from the former rented headquarters of Mission to the Blind but is much larger and now provides ample  space for continued growth.  Already there is a Braille printing press and resident training for blind people.  When funds are available there will be equipment for CD and tape recordings of Bible portions and studies in the language of blind people who can't read Braille.  India has 19 official languages.





God's Blessing.  India has more blind people than any other country.  The MTB missionaries who are accustomed to trusting God alone for all their support and direction spent much time asking His will.  They now have seen Him do what seemed impossible.


Blindness in India is looked upon as disfavor by the Hindu gods, the result of misdeeds in a former life.  Families often hide or abandon blind children  for fear of hindering the marriage of sighted siblings.  Many blind people are treated as unwanted castaways.



Mission To The Blind works through 90 missionaries to locate, aid, and tell the good news of the Gospel to unsighted people throughout most of India.

.      Last year total people reached                   17,217

        Number professing faith in Christ                  4,732

        Number being individually discipled                  454

        Number trained in leadership                            318

        Number of Bible study groups active                219

        Number of Prayer groups active                       118

There is a resident home for blind young women and separately, for men.

Compass Braille Society, Great Britain, has gifted a Braille printing press.

Land has been provided for another center building in southern India.

An audio studio for production of Bible studies and music is being equipped.

Translations into many of the numerous languages have been completed.

Camps and retreats for blind people are held frequently.

The 30,000 sq.ft. schoolhouse, now MTB headquarters, is humming!

All this happens from gifts of Christians and through hours of prayer.








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