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  Welcome  to  LoveReach. org, the web site of Reaching Out, Inc.

         We Are a 32-year-old organization of caring Christian volunteers located in Athens, TN USA who work in close relationship with native missionaries and mission groups where the love of Jesus is so needed, primarily in pagan cultures.  

           Our purpose on this web site is to provide information and assistance to inquirers about third-world Christian outreach, especially to INDIA.  Reaching Out, Inc. exists to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world by means of both the written and spoken word, thus helping meet the spiritual needs of people. 

         On these pages we present a glimpse of work among destitute children, the blind and the lepers, people who live in jungle areas and remote villages, as well as hopeless humanity crowded into smelly and sweltering city-slum hovels.  There also is information about two Bible Schools in India that train future missionaries through class-room studies plus much hands-on experience in church planting and evangelism.

         We DO NOT solicit gifts but rather are encouraging interested Christians to get involved in reaching people for Christ, especially in India.  Does you church have contacts with verified ministries there?  The need in India begs attention.  There is huge opportunity for Great Commission Christians to support the Lord's harvest through love gifts.  Some may like to personally visit India and see first-hand the greater efficiency of helping native missionaries!  It is vital to God's Kingdom Work among India's millions.

        We are personally acquainted with each ministry that we will recommend.  We have been there many times (from personal funds), and most of the leaders have visited us.  We personally know the accountability and integrity of those who are supported.  Several hundred missionaries are being enabled by gifts from US Christians so they can devote themselves totally to loving people, ministering to their needs, and enlightening them in the hope that is in Jesus.

         Are your gifts needed?  The Bible answers with the question, "How shall they go except they be sent?"

         There are more than a billion people in India.  Most know little or nothing about God's love for them.  Many world governments are prejudiced against Christianity as a 'foreign religion' and deny long-term visas to missionaries.  But God has raised up in India a group of strong and knowledgeable, faithful and energetic believers who have heard His call and are standing in the gap!  In their culture they know how to move freely.  Support for them is an urgent need.

         Give through your church if your church is willing.  We encourage it.  Contact information is available from link below.  If your church can't help and you need our assistance, it is yours for the asking.  Gifts through Reaching Out are tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)(3).  We provide year-end statements of giving to substantiate deductions.

         In conclusion we hope you will look further at some of the stories and pictures.  Listen to your heart.  It is a great adventure to partner with the Lord in His exciting work! 

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